Hey! I'm Hilary.

Thanks for stopping in!  I'm so excited that you're here!

I fell in love with photography 15 years ago when I enrolled in a photography class at my high school.  From then on, I knew I wanted to do it forever. I simply love PEOPLE.  I love getting to know my clients throughout some of the most exciting times in their lives and being responsible for creating their memories through my art.  

A little more about me...

  •  I'm married to my best friend. We are about to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary! 
  • We have two beautiful daughters.  They are our greatest joy.
  • I was born and raised in Louisiana.  I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!  Might I add, we have the BEST food on the planet.
  • I am a travel agent that specializes in all-inclusive vacations in Mexico & the Caribbean. So if you book me for your wedding, I can book your honeymoon for you also! :)
  • If I had all the money in the world, I would spend it all on SEEING the world. Huge travel bug! 
  • You'll always catch me drinking ICED coffee, even when it's freezing outside. 
  • I am a huge to-do lister and always have a plan. I would DIE without my iPhone calendar. 
  • I am a hip hop fitness instructor. Dancing to early 2000's hip hop is my jam.
  • I’ll choose a Mexican or Italian restaurant any day as queso and pasta are my two faves. 
  • I love cooking and baking.  I just don't like to clean it up.


I would LOVE to work with you.  Stop by the contact page and shoot me a message! 


Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4